Feel free to request a variation from the menu and our chef will do his best to accommodate.

All dishes are Gluten Free except those marked by *


Deshi Bhaji (V, G) 

Onion & noodles fritter, tamarind sauce

Mumbai Street Food (V) 

Spiced potato fritters

Shada Aur Matta 

Home made cottafe cheese, Spanish & Tempura batter

Malai Tikka

Marinated chicken in yougurt & black pepper

Murghi Ka Palok 

Skewer of barbecued chicken & spinach, mint yoghurt

Limbu Chingra (G) 

Tempura tiger prawns, stir-fried peppers


Flamegrilled local venison, tamarind sauce

Sheek Golla 

Minced Lamb, mixed peppers, green chutney

Mangsho Kata 

Framegrilled beef


Scallops, spanish pepper

Vera Chop

Grilled lamb chops, crispy onions


Fmaegrilled local vension, tamarind sauce

Flame Grilled (clay oven)

Murghi Shashlik 

Sizzling chicken tikka, onions & peppers, mosalla or vegetable sauce


Grilled King Prawns, seasonal vegetable sauce


Mosalla (N)

A deliciously rich dish with cream, almonds & coconuts

Jal Frezi

Spicy sauce with red onion, peppers, tomatoes & garlic


Spinach, fenugreek, onion & coriander


Shada Chawal 

Steamed basmati rice

Saron Chawal 

Naturally flavoured basmati rice

Homemade chips 



Murghi Taranga (G) 

Asian style chicken in spicy sauce, red onion

Palok Goshto 

Green curry of lamb and spinach

Pepe Tarkari 

Prime beef and papaya curry

Dom ka Hash 

Breast of duck, red onion & organic peppers

Murghi Shawria 

Butter Chicken

Roast Ka-vera (on the bone) 

Shank of lamb, pot roasted

Murghi Jal-Jal 

Chicken in seven sister spices, mixed peppers

Narkali Chingri 

Tiger Prawns in coconut cream sauce

Malai Makhani (N) 

Chicken with almonds, yoghurt and mango (similar to Korma)

Stir fry rice (biryani)

All Biryani served with vegetable curry sauce

Vegetable Biryani (V) 

Chicken Biryani 

Lamb Biryani 

King Prawn Biryani 


Begun Makhano 

Baby aubergine chutney, mustard seed

Shobji Bhaji 

Stir-fried seasonal vegetable

Dum Ka Aloo

Baby potatoes, garam mosalla

Aloo Palok 

Baby potatoes, green spinach


Saucy cheese, peas, spinach

Dall Pach Puran 

Mixed lentil sauce, Indian five spice


Chickpea bhuna

Clay Oven

Plain nan (V, G) 

Garlic nan (V, G) 

Peshwari nan (N, V, G) 

Green chilli & coriander nan (V, G)