Feel free to request a variation from the menu and our chef will do his best to accommodate.

All dishes are Gluten Free except those marked by *


Deshi Bhaji (V, G) £4.50

Onion & noodles fritter, tamarind sauce

Mumbai Street Food (V) £4.50

Spiced potato fritters

Shada Aur Matta £4.50

Home made cottage cheese, Spanish & Tempura batter

Murghi Ka Palok £5.25

Skewer of barbecued chicken & spinach, mint yoghurt

Malai Tikka £5.25

Marinated chicken in yogurt & black pepper

Sheek Golla £5.50

Minced Lamb, mixed peppers, green chutney

Limbu Chingra (G) £5.95

Tempura tiger prawns, stir-fried peppers

Mangsho Kata £6.45

Framegrilled beef

Samok £6.45

Scallops, spanish pepper

Vera Chop £6.95

Grilled lamb chops, crispy onions

Horin-Er-Mangsho £6.95

Flamegrilled local venison, tamarind sauce

Flame Grilled (clay oven)

Murghi Shashlik £14.95

Sizzling chicken tikka, onions & peppers, mosalla or vegetable sauce

Tandoori Macchi £15.95

Whole Sea Bass, tomato and potato side

Grilled Monkfish £16.95

Marinated roasted fillet, vine tomatoes

Gura Pura £17.95

Flame Grilled fillet beef, potato bhuna

Harde Ka Badun £22.95

Flame Grilled rack of lamb

Chingri-E-Bahar £18.85

Grilled King Prawns, seasonal vegetable sauce, sweet water biggest prawns


Mosalla (N)

A deliciously rich dish with cream, almonds & coconuts

Jal Frezi

Spicy sauce with red onion, peppers, tomatoes & garlic


Spinach, fenugreek, onion & coriander

Vegetable £12.95 | Chicken £13.95 | Lamb £14.95 | King Prawn £15.95


Shada Chawal £2.75

Steamed basmati rice

Saron Chawal £2.95

Naturally flavoured basmati rice

Homemade chips £3.25

Raita £2.45

Monday – Sunday 5pm – 10pm – Collection


Murghi Jal-Jal £13.95

Chicken in seven sister spices, mixed peppers

Murghi Shawria £13.95

Butter Chicken

Murghi Taranga (G) £14.95

Asian style chicken in spicy sauce, red onion

Palok Goshto £14.95

Green curry of lamb and spinach

Pepe Tarkari £14.95

Prime beef and papaya curry

Dom ka Hash £14.95

Breast of duck, red onion & organic peppers

Narkali Chingri £14.95

Tiger Prawns in coconut cream sauce

Malai Makhani (N) £14.95

Chicken with almonds, yoghurt and mango (similar to Korma)

Roast Ka-vera (on the bone) £15.95 

Shank of lamb, pot roasted

Kolkata Thali (V,G) £15.95 

South East Indian tapas, served with plain nan and rice

Stir fry rice (biryani)

All Biryani served with vegetable curry sauce

Vegetable Biryani (V) £12.95

Chicken Biryani £14.95

Lamb Biryani £15.95

King Prawn Biryani £16.95


Dum Ka Aloo (Main £12.95 or Side £4.95)

Baby potatoes, garam mosalla

Shobji Bhaji (Main £12.95 or Side £5.50)

Stir-fried seasonal vegetable

Dall Pach Puran (Main £12.95 or Side £5.75)

Mixed lentil sauce, Indian five spice

Begun Makhano (Main £12.95 or Side £5.95)

Baby aubergine chutney, mustard seed

Aloo Palok (Main £12.95 or Side £5.95)

Baby potatoes, green spinach

Cija (Main £12.95 or Side £5.95)

Saucy cheese, peas, spinach

Chana-Makhan (Main £12.95 or Side £5.95)

Chickpea bhuna

Clay Oven

Plain nan (V, G) £2.60

Garlic nan (V, G) £2.75

Peshwari nan (N, V, G) £2.95

Green chilli & coriander nan (V, G) £2.95