LUNCH £22.95

12 Noon to 1.45pm

Evening £26.95

2pm to Late

LUNCH £22.95

4pm to 10.30pm



Scallops, Spanish Peppers

Vera Chop

Flame-grilled Lamb Chops, Crispy Onions, Creamy Coriander Sauce

Deshi Bhaji (v)(g)

Onion & Noodle Fritters, Baby Leaf Salad, Tamarind Sauce

Murghi Ka Palok

Barbecued Skewer of Chicken & Spinach, Peppers, Lemon Yoghurt Side


Wild Venison, Marinated & Flame-grilled, Tamarind Side

Limbu Chingra (g)

Tempura Tiger Prawns, Stir-fried Peppers

Malai Tikka

Flame-grillled Chicken in Yoghurt & Black Pepper


Flame-grilled Beef

Main Courses

Palok Ghosto

Green Curry of Lamb & Spinach

Guru Pura (+£5)

Flame-grilled Fillet Beef, Spicy Salsa Side

Tandoori Macchi

Whole Seabass, Tomato & Potato Salsa

Roast Ka Vera

Pot-roasted Lamb Shank, Spicy Bhuna Sauce

Murghi Shawria

Butter Chicken

Grilled Monkfish (+£4)

Marinated Roasted Fillet, Spiced Tomato Salsa

Murghi Shaslik

Sizzling Chicken Tikka, Onions & Peppers, Mosalla or Vegetable Sauce

Harde Ka Badun (+£4)

Flame-grillled Rack of Lamb, Salsa

Chingri-e-Bahar (+£5)

Flame-grilled Largest King Prawns, Seasonal Vegetable Curry Side

Murghi Jal-Jal

Chicken in Seven Sister Spices & Mixed Peppers

Murghi Taranga (g)

Asian Style Chicken in Spicy Sauce, Red Onion

Deshi Tarkari (v)

Seasonal Vegetable & Spinach Curry

(Choice of Rice, Chips or Nan Included)