4.00PM – 7.00PM


Warm Brie Salad (v)

Baby leaf salad, deep fried brie, balsamic drizzle

Malai Tikka

Marinated chicken in yoghurt and black pepper

Sheek Golla

Marinated lamb kebab, mixed peppers, green chutney

Deshi Bhaji (v)

Onion and noodle fritters, baby leaf salad, tamarind sauce

Murghi Ka Palok

Barbequed skewer of chicken & spinach, peppers, lemon yoghurt side

Main Courses

Palok Ghosto

Green curry of lamb and spinach

Murghi Jal-Jal

Chicken, garam mosalla sauce and mixed peppers

Tandoori Macchi

Whole seabass, tomato and potato salad

Malai Makhani

Cream chicken with almonds, yoghurt and mango

Roast Ka Vera

Pot-roasted lamb shank, spicy bhuna sauce

Deshi Takari (v)

Seasonal vegtable curry

Chicken Tikka Mosalla

Rich dish of cream, almond and coconut

Murghi Shaslik

Sizzling chicken tikka, onions & peppers, mosalla or vegetable sauce

Garlic Chilli Prawn

Tiger prawns, red onion, peppers

Choice of Saffron Pilau Rice, Steamed Rice, or Plain/Garlic Nan